A Must For Casino Players

Casino Players

If you are a casino player, you should read all of the following books. None of them is fiction, but some are as compelling as any novel. The key to maximum enjoyment is maximum understanding. Want to enjoy your casino gambling travels at Bizzo Casino even more?


Casino Players

This is the best book on casino gambling you will ever read. Although it was published in 2004, it is not at all outdated. (There are some new games that should be included if they ever publish a new edition).

This is also one of the most readable explanations of casino game math and probability that I have found. The book is organized by what casino games you might play. I found chapters on blackjack, slots, video poker, craps, baccarat, roulette, Caribbean stud, let it ride, pai gow poker, poker, sports betting, keno, and “other casino games”. The “other casino games” chapter covers bingo, three card poker, casino wars, and “sucker games”.

The best parts of the book are the chapters on “Become a Smart Player”. These two chapters are presented at the beginning and end of the book.

Part I contains subsections titled “Understanding Probabilities and Likelihoods,” “Understanding the Casino Advantage,” “Thinking Outside the Box,” “Avoiding Pitfalls,” “Luck,” and “The Basics of Understanding What You’re Up Against.”

Part II contains subsections titled “You and Your Money,” “What It Really Costs to Gamble,” “Money Management: Myth or Reality,” “Systems,” “The Eternal Questions,” “Money and Psychology,” “Casino Freebies.” , “Comp Strategy and Smarts,” “Other Offerings and Perks,” “Trip Planning,” “Taxes,” and “The Essentials for Playing Like a Genius in Any Casino.”


Casino Players

I first learned how to count cards from a lawyer I worked with. He recommended the Greatest Blackjack Book in the World , and I read it from cover to cover. The explanations of basic strategy are some of the best I’ve read, and the author is as entertaining as can be. I particularly enjoyed his anecdotes about one of his contemporaries, Lawrence Revere. Like Thorp, Humble is often concerned about being cheated by the casinos. Much of this information can be safely skipped in today’s casino environment. The rest of his advice on card counting and basic strategy is probably as relevant today as when the book was first published in 1980.

An unknown philosopher once said that there are three kinds of people in this world: those who make things happen, those who watch things happen, and those who wander around saying, “What happened?” The purpose of this book is to keep you from falling into the “what happened?” category when you play blackjack.

This book describes and teaches you how to win money in casinos. It explains strategies, techniques and moves that will help you win even under adverse circumstances. After reading this book, you can approach a home or casino game with full confidence. The following methods have earned our students millions of dollars over the past decade, and the total is growing daily.

As you can see, the author is a salesman. It is a long book and the author’s lack of humility may be off-putting, but it is still a great book on blackjack.

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