Rarest Games at Online Casino

Rarest Games

If variety is the spice of life, then some of these strange casino games keep things interesting! Aside from the standard live dealer casino games, slots, and the large number of online casino games, here are some of the more unique possibilities available. Some are only played in specific territories, but others are more popular and are played worldwide.

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Belgian Birdsong

This is about as weird as it gets and, thankfully, is primarily limited to Belgium. There’s nothing to it but betting on which of many caged birds will sing the loveliest and longest song. A pleasant enough diversion, though not really exciting (unless you’re Belgian).

The Chicken Challenge 

Rarest Games

Continuing with our feathered companions, who knew a chicken could be taught to play tic tac toe? Chickens appear to become quite proficient at the game within a month, so if you fancy pitting your wits against a chicken, you heard it here first.

Rodents Roulette 

From birds to rodents, and a new form of roulette including a variety of small rodents, frequently a gerbil. The rodent, rather than the more traditional ball, is placed in a box on a wheel. It eventually disappears into one of the many numbered boxes, and if it is in the box you choose, you win.

And never mind, there were no animals hurt in the game.


If you don’t like playing against animals, you can go one on one in live dealer casino games in the simple, quick-draw game of War. It’s common in casinos and is usually played with six decks of cards. It’s simple to learn and entails beating the dealer on the turn of a card. 

Whoever holds the highest value card (aces are high) wins. When there is a tie or when the number of decks in play changes, the game’s complexity and your chances of winning vary.


Rarest Games

In Japan, pachinko is extremely popular. Special pachinko parlors, which are bright and boisterous, take advantage of a legal gap in a country where gambling for money is prohibited. Players purchase little steel balls and feed them into a machine that resembles a hybrid between a slot machine and a pinball game. 

The balls either fall into a hole and are lost, or they fall into a slot, triggering a game in which additional balls can be won. Balls are exchanged for gift tokens in the parlor at the end of the game, but the tokens are routinely swapped outside, where they are purchased for cash. The astute bidders then resell the tokens to the parlor for a small profit. This is a win-win situation! 

Money Wheel

Nobody knows where she falls as she travels round and round. This is a basic wheel-spinning game where the section the dial points to when the wheel stops determines your win. Consider more skill-based games if you want something a little harder.

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