When do bookmakers limit?

bookmakers limit

If you have been gambling long enough, you may have heard that there are bookmakers that limit their bettors. But what about “limit”? When do bookmakers limit? , There’s a solution? Are there bookmakers that do not limit? Well, we are going to answer all these questions and some of them in this article.

What is limit?

In the betting industry, it is common for bookmakers to limit players. However, it can be difficult to know when you are about to be throttled and what to do about it. Next we will see the reasons why bookmakers limit players, when they do it and how they do it. In addition, helpful tips are provided for players who have been limited and for those who want to avoid it in the future.

When bookmakers limit what they do is simply reduce the amount of money you can spend on a bet. Often the maximum amount you can bet is a few euros, so it is no longer profitable to continue betting with those bookmakers. If they do it to you, it’s an invitation to leave, so it’s probably best to take your money out, close your account and find another bookmaker to bet with.

Why do bookmakers limit players?

Bookmakers limit players for various reasons, including reducing their risk and protecting their profit margins. If a player is frequently winning or placing large bets, this can present a risk to the bookmaker. Therefore, it is common for them to limit players who seem to have an advantage over the bookmaker.

Bookmakers must also manage their risk exposure. This means that if a player places a large bet, the bookmaker must reduce the risk by accepting an equal bet in the opposite direction. If a player is winning too much, the bookmaker may have a hard time finding an opponent who is willing to take the bet.

When do bookmakers limit and why?

Bookmakers can limit their users

Bookmakers can limit their users, almost always, if they make profits in illiquid markets. They are basically markets where little money enters if we compare them with traditional markets such as 1X2, or Over/Under 2.5 goals.

In these markets, the odds are sometimes not as accurate or real as in liquid markets since the bookmakers have less information about the event. Almost always, illiquid markets are tournaments or leagues that are little known or little followed by both the media and fans.

These types of markets have a higher risk for bookmakers and bettors specialized in them are punished by limiting the amount of money they can put on the line. In liquid markets, bookmakers always have an advantage because they set the odds a little lower than what would be real, thus taking their “hidden commission”.

Likewise, bookmakers may also begin to limit players who are using unusual betting strategies, such as bets that involve arbitrage or those that take advantage of bonuses and promotions offered by bookmakers.

How do bookmakers limit players?

Bookmakers can limit players in various ways, such as by lowering the betting limits for that particular player, removing bonuses and promotions offered to the player, or by completely closing the player’s account. Bookmakers can also limit players by restricting certain markets or types of bets.

To avoid being limited, players may try to disguise their gambling activity by changing the frequency and amount of their bets. However, it is also important to gamble responsibly and accept that limitations are a normal part of the gambling industry.

Which sportsbooks are most likely to limit you?

You are much more likely to be limited by new sportsbooks betting on illiquid markets, rather than established sportsbooks such as Bet365, William Hill or Betfair. That does not mean that they will not limit you in them, but the possibility is less.

Keep in mind that new sportsbooks are much more likely to limit you as they are just getting started and are much more sensitive to winning players than older sportsbooks.

What bookmakers do not limit?


Read our article on bookmakers that do not limit to find out which ones do not impose restrictions of any kind when it comes to betting.

What can players do when they are limited?

If a player has been limited by a bookmaker, there are several options available. Players can try to find another bookmaker that offers better opportunities, they can try to contact the bookmaker to request a lifting of the limitation, or they can seek legal advice if they believe their rights as a player have been violated.

To avoid being limited, players can choose to place bets on different sports and events, rather than focusing on just one sport or market. Players can also make smaller, more frequent bets instead of making large, less frequent bets.

Also, players can look for sportsbooks that offer higher betting limits and do not limit players who win frequently.


To avoid being limited in a bookmaker, it is best to bet on the markets that almost everyone uses, such as 1X2, Over / Under goals or Asian handicap. Although that does not guarantee that you will not be limited, you will be a little more covered since in case you win, at least you will do so in markets in which the bookmaker continues to obtain benefits in the same way, either due to errors in bettors or by the commission that they take when setting the odds slightly downward.

In any case, bookmaker limitations are a normal part of this business and players should be aware of the reasons behind them.

Bookmakers limit players to reduce their risk and protect their profit margins. Players can avoid being limited by spreading bets, diversifying their bets and looking for sportsbooks that do not limit players who win frequently.

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