Paroli system

Paroli system

This roulette strategy is a system that works contrary to the one stated above with the Martingale. For this reason, this strategy is also called Reverse Martingale. Remember that the normal is designed to minimize losses. For this reason, being the opposite, this system seeks to increase the profits obtained. Great care must be taken because we risk getting big losses.

In this strategy you must double the bet after achieving a victory. The goal is to stop once you get a loss after a winning streak. The idea is that you can learn when to stop before that defeat comes on the scene. For this reason, you must know your game well and know how to control your emotions. In gambling it is vital to know how to set limits and decide when to stop.

We are talking about a risky strategy because you can get big profits, but lose it in a matter of seconds.

The risk is that if you bet €3 and win you will have to double. In the next round you bet €6 and win. In the next round the bet should be €12. If you continue and in one of the rounds you lose, you will be left without what you obtained. At that moment you will have lost everything, and that is precisely what you must take care of. That is why it is important to know when to stop and thus return to the initial bet.

However, if you lose your streak by applying this strategy, you would only risk the money from the initial bet. The rest of the lost money was taken from the casino, that is, the profits obtained. If you see it that way, the risk will not be so great, you only have the bad taste of having lost the profits.



Another of the most used roulette strategies: D’Alembert. This strategy is based on the law of balance, made to minimize losses. Within the methods to win at roulette, we are facing one of the simplest and easiest to apply.

All we have to do is start by betting a single chip in a single bet. In case of winning, we will keep the bet on one chip until we lose. When the latter happens, we will add a chip to the bet, adding a chip each time we lose. In case of winning, we are going to remove a token from the bet, leaving at least one.

For example, if we bet one chip and lose, we will bet two chips on the next spin. In the case of winning, we will recover the lost token and we will have a benefit. When winning, we will bet a chip again to minimize losses. If you look, we’ve won once and lost twice, but we haven’t lost.

It is one of the best roulette strategies, this is because it does not require a lot of capital. Of course, it is not infallible, because in case of having a losing streak we could lose quite a few chips. Remember that roulette does not have memory and that many losses can come out consecutively. But if you are looking for American roulette cheats, this could be one of the best.



This roulette strategy is the same as D’Alembert, but as its name indicates, it is the reverse. Its objective is for the player to slowly increase his earnings. On this occasion, the bet is increased by one unit only when a hit is obtained. If you lose a round, in the next one you must bet one unit less.

Let’s put an example to better understand this interesting strategy. If we start by betting €5 on black and we are victorious, in the next round you must bet €10, if you win, it will be €15 in the next one. You then continue with this sequence if you maintain the winning streak. In case the streak ends and you lose, you must subtract one unit from your last bet. You must do the latter until you win again.

This method to win at roulette is to get the most out of winning streaks at roulette. However, you should be careful as you don’t always get a hot streak. It is considered that a streak of four consecutive victories can already be taken as a good one. If you achieve up to a five-win streak, you can start over with your initial bet. Winning this many times is a great achievement and the smart thing to do is not to keep increasing the bet.

As you can see, the D’Alembert is a roulette strategy that should be taken advantage of if you get a winning streak. It is important that the latter happens so that the player can make profits and minimize losses. It is an interesting roulette trick and we can apply it in any of the variants of this game.

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