The best roulette strategies

best roulette strategies

When playing roulette, as long as it is done responsibly, our goal should be to win. For this we must use the most reliable and legal methods to achieve victory in roulette. The most effective method is to apply the best strategies to win at roulette. If we are going to play in casinos with high stakes, it is important that our level is the best and that we know the roulette rules. For this reason, we will show you 12 of the best roulette strategies to increase your odds.



The first type of techniques to win at roulette are progressive bets. In them the value of the bet is usually increased progressively. One of the best known roulette strategies of this type is the Martingale. In this case, the bet is doubled every time you lose. Of course, there are other systems, such as the Fibonacci system, which follows the progression of the same name.

They are generally used for single bets (those close to 50%) and start with small amounts. They have the advantage that they are usually safe (except for bad spells), but you don’t earn much either. Also, if you lose continuously, you will need a lot of money to be able to recover. You should be careful of the latter, especially if you play in high stakes casinos.

Knowing it very well will help you to better understand the types of roulette strategies. Progressive bets are sought after by the most ambitious players. In the same way, these usually have a significant bankroll. However, if you know how to take care of yourself, you can apply them even with a low budget.


Non-progressive betting strategies are also used as roulette strategies. In this case, we are not going to use one of those strategies that raise the ante; but we can continue using the same amount. The best known is the James Bond system, which consists of making several bets to minimize losses. In addition, other systems are also used, such as betting on neighboring numbers.

These strategies allow you to play with little money. You can make low bets and still be able to win. However, in the event of a loss, it takes more time to recover, although not as much money.

They are more conservative types of roulette strategies that can still bring us good benefits. These are mainly designed to control a little the possible losses that we will have. While the intention is to make a profit, controlling your losses is also a key factor when playing roulette.



The Martingale is the best known European roulette strategy in this industry. It consists of betting a fixed amount on a single bet (red/black, even/odd), usually a small amount. If we win, we repeat the bet and make a profit. In the case of losing, we keep the bet, but this time we will double it.

In case of losing again, we will continue doubling the bet indefinitely until we win. When we win, we will recover all the bet plus the profit of the minimum bet. Once this happens, we will return to the minimum initial bet. For example, bet 1 euro on red and if you lose, bet 2 euros. If you lose again, you bet 4, and if you lose, you double back to 8, 16, 32… until you win. When you win, you will have recovered what you bet, plus a euro of profit.

It is one of the most used roulette strategies because it seems safe. It is doubling, and in the end, with a 47.3% chance, it seems difficult for our bet not to come out. However, you need to have a lot of money to withstand losing streaks, since the growth of the bet is exponential. If you bet 1 euro on black and get 10 reds in a row, you will need to bet 1024 euros.

The Martingale is not recommended for players with a low budget. Likewise, it is not as safe as it seems. You need a lot of money and a single losing streak could ruin you. This is designed for those more ambitious players with more experience playing roulette. If you are one of those, you can try this roulette strategy and try your luck with it.

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