Bonus symbols on slots machines

symbols on slots machines

Do you want to play for free and enjoy all the advantages that these machines offer us? Come with us and discover all the bonus symbols, which will allow you to play without money and for longer. These special symbols allow us to access gifts and other in-game features while the game is in progress.

The bonus symbols are special and different from the rest of the symbols that you will see in the game. And, for all the machines there are usually three: scatter symbols, wild symbols and multipliers.

Dispersion or scatter symbol. The scatter symbol is the best you can get, because it is usually the one that pays out the best. When one of them appears it means that you will have more opportunities to play. Whether it’s free spins or extra bonus games, this symbol will set you up to win.

Wild symbols. Wilds are among the symbols preferred by many. As we play, these bring us the chance to get more prizes and fun. These have the wonderful function of substituting one of the symbols within a pay line, thus allowing us to create more winning combinations.

Multipliers or bonus symbols. The multipliers allow us, as the name says, to multiply our winnings. These appear on the reels as a number accompanied by an X (x), for example: x2, x3, x5 and so on. The value of this multiplier depends on each machine and is usually only available on the most modern ones.




The slots offer a mini-game option so that players have a more immersive experience. In this way you also get higher profits and opportunities to play for free.

These are small spaces with short games that are activated by various methods during a match. By winning you will get smaller prizes than you would get from a victory on the machine itself. However, everything you will earn will also be very useful to you.



Online slots always give you good prizes, however, the biggest one is the big jackpot. When you win one of these it will be the payment with the greatest benefits for the player.

There are several factors that can affect how jackpots work. One of the most important for players is the minimum and maximum of the machine. The higher the slot limit, the higher the prize available.

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