What is RTP?

Return To Player

The RTP in its acronym in English, means “Return To Player”, or return to the player.

It is a figure that is expressed as a percentage and is measured in a general way, not by game sessions. That is to say, if a slot has a 90% RTP, it does not mean that by playing just once we will obtain that return. Since, that value depends on some general parameters and a number of sessions. In any case, to know how many sessions we are talking about, you just have to check the game review.

  • It is calculated by dividing the value of the money returned to the player, between the value bet.
  • This tells us what is the probability we have of recovering our investment in a specific game.
  • To know the RTP of online casino games, you just have to review the review of each one.
  • Even if you are going to play in demo version it is good to know this percentage.

Do you want to know which slot to start playing for real money? Then play for free, check the RTP and test how the game works in its free version. Do your study of each game, practice and see how that RTP influences your earnings.

The slot is the game that has the highest percentage of return to the player, and this is usually above 90%. This can be classified as low RTP (95% or less), medium (between 95 and 96%) or high (more than 96%).



We already know what the RTP of online slot machine games is. Now let’s see what volatility or variance is, and how we can use it to our advantage. If you want to make a better selection when playing, it is very important that you understand this term and all that it implies:

Volatility determines the risk you take when betting on a game. This translates into the frequency in which the machine distributes its prizes.

This risk can be low, medium or high. And, the term is used exclusively for automatic games such as slots, whose results depend solely on chance.

By now, we already know that these games have amazing graphics, thousands of themes and bonus symbols; and that’s fine to start with. But, if you want to become an expert in the field and get the most out of your game, you must know the RTP.


They hand out small and frequent prizes.

The chance of winning on them is high, which makes the risk of playing on them low.

If you are looking for fun and excitement in a short time, this option is for you.

The investment to start making profits does not require many coins.

Their RTPs are usually low, close to 95%.


This option is for those looking for a compromise between risk and reward.

Their RTPs are usually between 96 and 97%.

In them you can stretch your budget, play longer and earn frequent profits.



They have a pretty stark difference between their minimum and maximum earnings.

They usually have millionaire jackpots or jackpots.

Its RTPs are usually high, over 97%.

In them you can opt for great prizes in the long term. That is, their prizes are less frequent, but higher.

If after knowing the characteristics of the three volatilities, you still do not know which one to choose, ask yourself: what profit do you expect to obtain? And how much time and money do you want to invest? By reviewing your answer to these two questions against the characteristics mentioned above, you will discover which of them best suits you.

Now that you know the term and what it is about, take advantage and play for free. Allow yourself to practice and understand how the volatility of the machine of your choice works, without risking your money.

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